AGM Process

Nominating Officer

How to request directors to stand for re-election

  1. (BC Societies Act 48(1)) A director’s term of office expires at the close of the next annual general meeting after the director’s designation, election or appointment.
  2. Reach out to all current directors via email: “In preparation for our upcoming AGM, I’m reaching out to the Board Members to determine who intends to stay on for another year and stand for re-election. Can you please let me know of your intent by <insert deadline>?”
  3. Share the list of directors standing for re-election with the President and Secretary
  4. At the AGM: 

How to nominate a new director (BC Societies Act section 42)

  1. There are two methods to designate, elect or appoint of a director:
    1. the individual consents in writing to be a director of the society, or
    2. the designation, election or appointment is made at a meeting at which the individual is present and the individual does not refuse, at the meeting, to be a director.


  1. Take minutes at the AGM. Ensure you count members present and non-members present for the minutes
  2. Following the AGM, update the Director Register
  3. Provide notice of the change in the annual report the society files with the registrar
  4. Receive and file the certified copy of the altered statement of directors furnished from the registrar

Resignation of a Director

  1. Exiting member: must submit resignation letter (example)
    1. Resignation is to take effect upon receipt of a letter or at a specific date if specified. See BC Societies Act section 49.
  2. Secretary must file resignation letter
  3. If the resignation occurs at a time other than the AGM, you must file a notice of change of directors with the registrar.