According to the BC Societies Act (Division 2), we must keep the following records:

  1. the society’s certificate of incorporation;
  2. each certified copy, furnished to the society by the registrar, of the following records:
    1. the constitution of the society;
    2. the bylaws of the society;
    3. the statement of directors and registered office of the society;
  3. each confirmation, other certificate or certified copy of a record furnished to the society by the registrar, other than in response to a request;
  4. a copy of each order made in respect of the society by
    1. any court or tribunal, in Canada or elsewhere, or
    2. a federal, provincial or municipal government body, agency or official, including the registrar;
  5. the society’s register of directors, including contact information provided by each director;
  6. each written consent to act as director referred to in section 42 (4) (a) [designation, election and appointment of directors] and each written resignation of a director;
  7. a copy of each record described in section 56 (3) (c) [disclosure of director’s interest] or 62 (3) (c) [disclosure of senior manager’s interest] evidencing a disclosure by a director or senior manager;
  8. the society’s register of members, organized by different classes of member if different classes exist, including contact information provided by each member;
  9. the minutes of each meeting of members, including the text of each resolution voted on at the meeting;
  10. a copy of each ordinary resolution or special resolution, other than a resolution included in the minutes referred to in paragraph (i), and, in the case of a resolution consented to in writing by the voting members, a copy of each of the consents to that resolution;
  11. the financial statements of the society required under section 35 [financial statements] and the auditor’s report, if any, on those financial statements.