This year (2019) represented the 4th year of the project and we targeted 6 to 8 weeks of in-stream works, which involved less blasting and more fine tuning of the slide area.

We used the same contractors and partners as previous years, with beginning work in Mid-July, exact start and end dates are always dependent on Freshet and river levels. The aim was to establish a 9-11% grade through the length of the slide by the end of the Fall rains. We were hoping that 2019 would be the final year of drilling and blasting in the river, including the dropping of the leading edge by approximately 2m.

Following the Fall rains we were ecstatic to see adult salmon and steelhead successfully navigate through the slide area. This is the first time, since the slide happened in 2014, that fish have moved unassisted to the upper river! 

The area will require some work in 2020 to fulfil the Societies goal of “restoring migration for all species that previously migrated through the Seymour River Canyon” but the end is in sight.