The rockslide opening ceremony marked the start of the third year of operations adjacent to the rockslide on Fisherman’s trail on June 28, 2018. The objective of the 2018 work was to continue rock break activities to create a continuous channel around the “house” boulder and through the rockslide area, with the aim of reducing the in-river gradient and fill the large interstitial spaces.
Contractors began site mobilization works on June 18, 2018 and were able to on 64 days through the summer period until September 18, when works ended for the season. During that period, approximately 750m of rock was drilled and approximately 760m3 of rock was blasted on nine separate blast days. A relatively uniform channel grade has formed in the downstream section of the debris pile, while a steep 2 to 3m (vertical) section remains at the leading edge section of the debris pile.