Year 5 of rock breaking is about to commence on the Seymour River Rockslide Project. Last year was the first year, since the slide occurred in 2014, that fish migrated above the slide area. Last winter also saw a 1 in a 15-year rain event. The 400+ cubic meters of water per second that raged through the canyon was highly successful in redistributing the previously blasted material. The water also moved the once thought unmovable “house rock”, named for its size, literally being as big as a house (photo river left). Since this massive rock poses a safety risk to river users it will have to be broken. The plan for the House Rock will be to drill the holes required to break it, during the summer. Then in late Fall, low velocity explosive, Nxburst will be used to break it into small (microwave sized) pieces. Two other sections will also be focused on this summer. When water levels are low, crews will work on the upper lip and a section just below the slide area.

Rock drilling work will begin on July 27th and will continue for approximately 8 weeks. Generally, contractors, Global Rope Access (GRA) will be drilling during the week and breaking rocks at the end of each week (Friday).

For recreational trail users – Fisherman’s Trail will be impacted periodically throughout the summer. Signage will be posted on the trail. Trail closers will only occur 5 minutes before and after rock breaking events take place. GRA will be accessing the site using Fisherman’s trail and there will be a compressor stored and used on the trail during working hours.