Seymour Hatchery, North Vancouver, British Columbia - Education

One of our goals is to educate the public about the value of the Seymour River and the salmonids it supports as a resource for everyone living in British Columbia.

We are committed to engaging with our community, educating youth and speaking to everyone about the importance of salmon and the vital role they play in the greater ecosystem.

We are missing the events that are normally held in the Seymour Watershed each year, and that we attend in other communities around the Lower Mainland. In the past, events provided an opportunity for engagement and is often a great time for recruiting new members and volunteers. We believe hands on learning is a fantastic way for volunteers and students to become invested in salmon and their habitat.

Since COVID-19 restrictions are still in place, the Society is rolling out a virtual learning opportunity. We will start by offering the one-hour program to elementary aged students (grades 2 – 6) and hope to expand to other groups in the future. 

With safety protocols in place, we will still need the help of small groups of volunteers for work around the hatchery. We are grateful for those who have continued to support the Society throughout the pandemic.

We look forward to engaging with the larger community and resuming our field trip program, once it  is safe to do so.

Thank You to these Generous Sponsors!