Seymour River Hatchery educates about the Seymour River and relevance of the salmonids it supports.

We engage with our community by educating youth and speaking to everyone about the importance of salmon and the vital role they play in the watershed.

As a result of COVID-19 we have missed the events that were normally held in the Seymour River Watershed and in other communities throughout the Lower Mainland. Before COVID-19, the events we were involved in provided an opportunity to meet you and was a great time to recruit new members and volunteers. We are please to announce that not only is the Seymour River Hatchery open again to the public, but we are starting our in-person volunteering and education activities within the watershed!

Our Gently Down the Seymour (GDS) education program is beginning again in 2023 and will operate during Spring to provide the for over 50 elementary school classes to visit the hatchery and learn about the importance of salmonids for watershed health annually. We know that hands on learning is the best way for volunteers and students to become invested in salmon and their habitat.

Gently Down the Seymour

Gently Down the Seymour is a full day field trip at the Seymour Hatchery and Education Centre. Bring your class?


Fish Facts

How many fish facts do you know? Find out about Chum, Steelhead, Pink and Coho! What are Fry? Smolts? Fish eggs?